The world’s largest collection of high yielding varieties

Tree based technology to feed a growing population and mitigate against Climate Change.

Pongamia is the ideal tree species for soil, climate and farmer friendly agroforestry and silvopasture. There are many reasons why. Here are just a few.

Stable proven yields of oil and protein
For diverse production systems and soil types
Reforesting, fertilizing and fixing carbon
Future proof your production

Let us assist you in selecting the right Pongamia system to meet your offtake, reforestation, zero emissions and CSR targets.

A win win for people and planet

Regenerative Pongamia food and energy production integrates into many land management systems.


- Fixes nitrogen - sequesters carbon
- Tolerates salinity
- Eliminates pesticide and fertilizer use
- Reduces deforestation
- Regenerates degraded landscapes
- Drought and flood resilient
- Supports bee and pollinator insects
- Builds biodiverse production systems
- Phytostabilises and rehabilitates polluted soils
- Net-Zero CO2 fuels

Lowest Emissions


- Minimal production costs
- Restore marginal land profitably
- Intercrops and livestock
- Earn money from carbon markets
- Green economy transformation
- Multiple products and markets
- Produce with limited water or low rainfall
- Become self-sufficient in fuel, feed and food
- Create local, good quality long-term jobs
- Enhance food security
- Achieve SDG Targets

Highest Yields

Our solutions for multiple ecosystems and industries

Reforest - Fix Carbon - Reduce Fertiliser Use - Save Water - Produce Oil And Protein







World Leaders

We develop and bring to market the biodiverse productive agronomic systems that are necessary to restore tropical and subtropical degraded lands through productive reforestation. We identify elite varieties with proven stable yields suitable for a wide range of production systems, weather conditions and soil types.

We form a central component to the PHYLA Regeneration Systems Portfolio. PRS unlocks investments into regenerative agriculture, reforestation and soil health by securing long-term off-take contracts in domestic and International markets for Elite Pongamia products.

Dr M.V.R. Prasad

Conducted the first formal study on Pongamia and its role in boosting the productivity of perennial tree-based oilseed production.‍

Over 50 years of passion and dedicatio to identifying efficient and productive solutions for rainfed production systems.

PHYLA has been designed and built to restore resilient and productive ecosystems. We provide solutions that span the value chain and are suitable for a wide range of environmental, social and economic contexts.